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We are the Interdisciplinary Dental Center named after Yu. V. Opanasyuk is a progressive dental center that provides a full range of dental services. We are trusted with the most valuable thing - health and beauty.

Why us?

  • Our patients have been with us for more than 20 years.
  • The first in Ukraine began to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the temporomandibular joints.
  • Your treatment plan is made by a team of doctors after a detailed study of all the features of your body.
  • Doctors with world experience who solve the most difficult clinical situations.
  • Full range of dental services in one place.
  • Sterility and purity in everything.

Our doctors

High-level specialists constantly improving in their field, learning new techniques and applying the acquired knowledge and technologies in their everyday work.

Opanasiuk Anastasia Sergeevna

Dentist of the 1st category

Storcheus Victor Vladimirovich

Head of the Anesthesiology department, anesthesiologist, pediatric anesthesiologist

Yeremeev Filip Volodymyrovych



My son was treated under inhalation anaesthesia. And from now on we will stick to this clinic, and here are three reasons why: (1) all the questions have got clear substantiated answers, the patient (patient’s representative) is well-informed about his treatment; (2) young patients receive care – they are talked to, involved into treatment as much as possible; (3) clear recommendations before and after the procedure. Many thanks to Dr. Kuzmina and Dr. Storcheus from our family.

Maryna 08.09.2020

Have been using the services of the clinic for more than 10 years. For all this time, the quality of the services provides increases only. The clinic disposes of all advanced methods and technologies of dental medicine. Each visit to the clinic is invariably supplemented by friendly atmosphere and care you feel. I really would like to make a special mention of the professionalism and affection in the work of doctors Svitlana Fedorenko and Andrii Vavilov. For the time of treatment with these doctors I have stopped being afraid of dentists. And the treatment itself turns into pleasant relaxation. I totally recommend this clinic and my doctors and magicians: Svitlana Fedorenko and Andrii Vavilov. They are the best!

Galina 07.08.2020