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Modern dentistry fully restores chewing function and a charming smile even under the complex conditions, when one or several teeth are destroyed or missing.
Dental prosthetics is necessary in case of teeth destruction, abrasion, missing teeth and related functional disorders and aesthetic defects.

The patient’s desire to improve the aesthetics of the smile is also relevant today and is realized by means of aesthetically pleasing ceramic constructions with ultra-thin laminate (from 0,3mm).

For the time of production of permanent constructions the patient gets provisional prosthetics so that to feel comfortably during the whole period of treatment.

The key to high-quality prosthetic treatment is sound foreign academic background of doctors, their extensive experience, state-of-the-art facilities of the clinic equipped with magnifying arrangements (Carl Zeiss optics) and digital intraoral scanners (Omnicam, Sirona), advanced instruments and materials, and, of course, digital dental laboratory allowing to provide our patients with the treatment within the shortest possible time.