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Orthodontic treatment will not only provide you with the opportunity to meet all the sweets and presents of life with a sincere smile, but also build up your confidence and ensure the health of teeth and the whole body.

Please, note that orthodontic treatment does not have any age-related contraindications, so you can shine with your dream smile at any age, and we will be happy to help you with this!

Orthodontic treatment consists of several stages:


- monitoring the formation of occlusion and development of jaws in children is better to be started before the eruption of permanent teeth by means of elimination of all potential causes of orthodontic problems. Various myofunctional devices are widely used for this purpose;


- unfortunately, we often need to replace the teeth lost by a child before time with dentures, crowns, permanent teeth space retainers. This stage may seem strange, however it is absolutely necessary, as the teeth loss causes discomfort at chewing, speaking and smiling. Moreover, it can cause tooth displacement, complication of further eruption of permanent teeth and in some way it will complicate and increase the duration of orthodontic treatment in the future;


- the next stage of orthodontic treatment is the creation of the space for correct and harmonious eruption of permanent teeth – jaw widening using removable and fixed devices (orthodontic plates);


- when necessary space for tooth eruption is provided, we can proceed to the aesthetic rehabilitation of a child. This can be achieved with the help of partially fixed braces 2+4 or 2+6. This is the very period when we can correct tooth inclination, eliminate the crowding or spaces between the teeth and optimize further growth of the upper and lower jaws;

Usually at the age from 12 to 14 all permanent teeth are fully erupted. Only after this time can the full-fledged treatment with braces be initiated.