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Comprehensive diagnosis

Complete clinical and functional diagnosis is performed by specially trained doctors. Having received all necessary information, the team of doctors makes an optimal treatment plan and presents it to the patient at the consultation.

Here are the benefits of comprehensive diagnostics at our Center:

All the procedures are performed using advanced high-precision equipment.

We have developed a unique diagnostic protocol, which is a synergy of the approaches of the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VieSID) and BioResearch corporation.

As a result, you get complete understanding of the condition of your masticatory system and a detailed step-by-step treatment plan.

Computerized condylography/axiography

This is a supplementary examination method which makes it possible to identify pathology in the joint and muscles. It implies high-accuracy recording of temporomandibular joint motions using state-of-the-art technologies. Received data are analyzed by a highly trained specialist. As a result, we have a consistent view of all the movements of the mandible, including individual features of the process of speech, chewing and swallowing.

Clinical and functional assessment of the condition of muscles and temporomandibular joints, the analysis of tooth contacts and lower jaw motions

X-ray examination (Orthopantomography, Teleradiography, Computed tomography)

X-ray examination is an integral part of the diagnostic process. It allows to assess the condition of teeth and bone tissue, temporomandibular joint, the characteristics of growth and development of facial skeleton. Modern X-ray equipment makes the diagnostics quick and easy both for a dentist and for a patient.

The analysis of diagnostic casts in the articulator

For detailed investigation of the causes of problems in the oral cavity and temporomandibular joint, the doctors analyze the casts in the articulator – a device which accurately reproduces the movements of a lower jaw and shows static and dynamic contacts between the teeth. Otherwise, it is impossible to conduct high-quality planning of further prosthetic and orthodontic treatment.

Photo protocol

Photography is necessary to capture the situation in the oral cavity: colour, size, condition of dentures, etc. Apart from intraoral photos, we assess the face and smile aesthetics, state of posture. Moreover, the photos help the doctor to plan the shape and colour of future teeth and choose optimal construction.

Team approach

In most cases, it is necessary to involve several specialists. We bring together the doctors to make a treatment plan: our therapist, radiologist, prosthodontist, surgeon and periodontist. This allows us to consider all possible nuances and make a treatment plan personally for you.