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It’s a combination of art, science, style and utter professionalism for the creation of your individual and unique style.

Your smile is a guarantee of your well-being, success and beauty. We are waiting for you and ready to make your smile perfect!

For this purpose, we widely use the following techniques in our practice:

  • indirect restorations by means of laboratory production of ceramic crowns, onlays, inlays, veneers, lumineers;
  • direct restorations with modern composite materials directly in the oral cavity;
  • methods of complex restoration, which fully ensure the tooth function and meet the highest aesthetic requirements;
  • tooth whitening.

Tooth whitening

White teeth are the attribute of youth and confidence. They have always been a dream of many people, since a snow white smile speaks for the health, increases the status both in personal and business relationship. To have white teeth, more and more people resort to the procedure of whitening, which is made in our clinic or controlled by us in case of a home procedure.


Tooth restoration is often called as artistic dentistry, where a doctor restores fine details, depth and naturalness of colour and form with a pinpoint precision, layer by layer, thus perfectly resuscitating the function and nice appearance. For treatment we use the materials of world’s leading manufacturers divided by aesthetic, functional and individual indicators and offered to each patient depending on specific clinical situation.


The word “veneer” literally means facing, masking, protective coating. In dentistry, the veneers are thin ceramic plates or caps tightly fitting the teeth.
Dental veneers are intended for masking various defects that often occur on the teeth, such as chipping, change of initial colour, etc. The veneers correct the outer part of a tooth without affecting its internal structure, that’s why they are absolutely safe. An important function of veneers is the protection of teeth from destructive environmental factors. And what is the most important – the veneers have splendid appearance.

The choice of treatment method depends on the peculiarities of patient’s diagnosis determined at thorough examination. It takes into account the wishes of the patient and the time required for tooth restoration.