Working hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30 - 21:30, Sat: 10:00 - 18:00, Sun: Closed

Andrii Vavilov

Dental therapist at the Department of therapeutic dentistry, specialization: endodontics.
A doctor of the highest qualification category.
Operational experience: 22 years

1999 – graduated from Medical Institute of Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine majoring in Dentistry and gained the qualification of a dentist.
2000 – finished the internship in Therapeutic dentistry at Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
Training courses, seminars, workshops, conferences:
2016 – «Modern approach for endodontic treatment», a course by Dr. Sebastian Riedel;
2017 – The 7-th congress of Ukrainian Endodontic Society (UES);
2017 – «Medical emergencies and basic resuscitation in dental practice» training course;
2017 – «The instuments with shape memory effect» lecture;
2019 – «Medical emergencies and basic resuscitation in dental practice», a special course;
2021 – «Specialized resuscitation procedure».

CT analysis, diagnosing endodontic pathology;
Preparing an endodontic treatment plan;
Emergency care;
Low-trauma methods of preparation using a microscope;
Modern protocols of dental care;
Latest methods of preparation and obturation of root canals;
Team-work in comprehensive treatment.
Anaesthetic management;
Isolation of the working area;
Making an endodontic access cavity;
Shaping, irrigating and obturating root canals using up-to-date techiques;
Removal of the debris of fractured instruments;
Tooth restoration after endodontic treatment.

Being at work Andrii is fully dedicated to his patients, and his free time is full of active winter sports and fun.
«Good result is what I am excited about in my work»