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Oksana Zaitseva

Periodontist at the Department of therapeutic dentistry, a member of Ukrainian academy of periodontology (UAP).
Operational experience: 3 years

2017 - graduated from I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University majoring in Dentistry;
2019 - finished the internship in Dentistry at Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

Training courses, seminars, workshops, conferences:
2017 – International dental conference of young scientists, Uzhhorod;
2019 – «Professional oral hygiene», Pro-Dent Training Center;
2019 – «Gum recession. Cut or wait? », Stom Academy;
2020 – «Fundamentals of manual scaling», The School of practical periodontics;
2021 – «Individual hygiene for patients under rehabilitation after surgical interventions», White Dental;
2021 – «How one can avoid risks and complications? Peculiarities of professional hygiene in pregnant women», Dentsply Sirona Academy;
2021 – «Problems of hygiene in children», White Dental;
2021 – «Dental brushes. Manual classics vc. electrical modernity», online seminar;
2021 – «Navigation in the interdental cleaning», online seminar;
2021 – «Sensitivity management», online seminar;
2021 – «The program of individual hygiene and prophylaxis for the patients with implants», online seminar;
2021 – «Deciding the fate of perio-patients», online seminar;
2021 – «The problems of hygiene in children. Habits and skills of children preventing the tooth loss being adults», online seminar;
2021 – «Oral hygiene in patients with braces and aligners. Modern view», online seminar;
2021 – «Periodontitis and diabetes», online seminar;
2021 – «Professional hygiene and care at home: protocols and experience of Hong Kong», online seminar;
2021 – «Immunologist’s point of view of the local immunity of oral cavity mucous membrane», online seminar;
2021 – «Motivate or prescribe!? That is the question», online seminar.

Diagnostics and treatment of periodontal diseases

Supragingival scaling;
Subgingival scaling;
Diagnostics of caries using an up-to-date DiagnoCam system;
Treatment of non-carious lesions of hard tooth tissues;
Local enamel fluoridation;
Treatment of enamel hypersensitivity;
Treatment of the diseases of oral cavity mucous membrane using erbium laser and ozone;
Tooth whitening using up-to-date Beyond Polus system.

Each patient of the doctor gains maximum care and attention. Doctor’s consideration and individual approach will make your visit comfortable and as effective as possible. Patient’s health is front and center for the doctor, that is why constant improvement of theoretical knowledge and professional skills is a way and style of her life.
The doctor’s motto:
«To make everything and even more for you to smile more often».