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Oleksandr Yakymenko

Head of the Department of prosthetic dentistry, Prosthodontist at the Department of prosthetic dentistry,
a doctor of the second qualification category.
Operational experience: 12 years.

2002 – graduated from Kyiv Medical College in Prosthetic dentistry and gained the qualification of a dental mechanic (honors diploma);
2008 – graduated from Kyiv Medical university and gained the qualification of a dentist;
2010 – finished the internship in Dentistry at Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education;
2014 – completed the specialization course in Prosthetic dentistry, acquired the title of a medical specialist in Prosthetic dentistry.

Training courses, seminars, workshops, conferences:
2018 – completed “Basic Curriculum в Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry” modular course, Vienna, Austria;
2019 – completed “Therapy Continuum "Applied Rehabilitation: Function & Esthetics" Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry” modular course, Vienna, Austria.


Clinical and functional diagnostics of the patients with malocclusion, temporomandibular jaw disorders;
Functional rehabilitation of the patients with TMJ disorders, muscle and joint disfunctions.

Prosthetic dentistry:
Aesthetic dentistry, tooth restoration using highly aesthetic ceramic veneers (from planning to realization);
Restoration of damaged, broken and worn teeth with prosthetic constructions (inlays, onlays, crowns);
Restoration on implants (non-removable, fixed and removable constructions);
Comprehensive treatment of the patients with TMJ disorders, muscle and joint disfunctions.

Microscope-aided manipulations;
Working with an intraoral scanner;
Minimally invasive manual work technique;
Digital Smile Design;
Treatment with a dental splint (splint therapy);
Working with GammaDental software;
Condylography recording with Cadiax4 (recording TMJ function), data analysis and interpretation;
Computerized occlusal analysis;
Photofixation of the treatment stages;
Providing emergency aid at pain syndromes of TMJ disorders.

«Medicine and dentistry in particular represent the field requiring constant improvement of skills and knowledge by a medical specialist. And when it comes to prosthetic dentistry, it is unceasingly developing and improving in terms of theory and technology. I think that today professional improvement is a must for a doctor. That is why I study modern literature, take part in seminars, congresses, visit lectures and workshops, studying both in Ukraine and abroad. Quality prosthetic dentistry is realized through a doctor’s skills and knowledge, years of experience, although clinical equipment (instrumental and technological capacity of a clinic) means a lot as well. Our clinic is equipped with up-to-date innovative dental and dental lab equipment, which makes it possible for us to implement the most complicated clinical challenges.
I like my work, for I have the opportunity to grant people health and beauty.
Outside work I’m keen on cycle touring and cycling. Actively participating in cycling competitions»