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Tetiana Novak

Radiologist at the Department of radiology, Head of the Department of radiology, a doctor of the highest qualification category.
Operational experience: over 19 years

2001 – graduated from Bogomolets National Medical University majoring in General Medicine;
2002 – finished the internship in Diagnostic radiology at Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education;
2021 – gained the highest qualification category in Radiology.
Training courses, seminars, workshops, conferences:
2008 – «Panoramic radiography in dentistry» theoretical course;
2009 – «Modern radiodiagnostics in outpatient dentistry, maxillo-facial surgery and otolaryngology» theoretical course;
2010 – «The principles of radiology and methods of tomography in dentistry»;
2010 – «Cone-beam tomography»;
2017 – Basic theoretical and practical course on interpreting teleroentgenograms and cephalometric analysis;
2018 – «3D radiodiagnostics of maxillo-facial area», a specialized course;
2020 – «Preeruptive pathology, tumours, traumas» seminar;
2020 – «Diagnostic protocols to determine the strategy and methods of managing patients with dentoalveolar deformations. Radiological, clinical, biochemical aspects of TMJ condyle resorption. Instrumental treatment to achieve the joint and occlusal balance», a seminar;
2021 – full-time distance school «Physics of CT».

Cone-beam diagnostics of a facial skeleton, notably: temporomandibular joints, paranasal sinuses and dentoalveolar apparatus.

All kinds of radiological examinations of maxillo-facial area with Veraview x800, cone-beam computed tomographic scanner, Morita:
Cone-beam computed tomography of different areas of maxillo-facial zone,
Panoramic tomography,
Postprocessing data handling, preparation of medical reports on radiological examinations.

«I like all the novelties, travelling and meeting people, and never get tired of usual shades of gray»
The doctor’s motto:
«We have all in our hands, that’s why we cannot throw them up».