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Hennadii Lytvynenko

Head of the Department of dental surgery,
dental surgeon at the Department of dental surgery, a doctor of the highest qualification category
Operational experience: 25 years

1996 – graduated from Crimea State Medical University named after S. I. Georgievsky majoring in Dentistry and gained the qualification of a dentist;
1997 – finished the internship in Dental surgery at Zaporizhzhia State Institute of Advanced Training of Doctors.

Training courses, seminars, workshops, conferences:
2004 – «Subperiosteal and intramucosal implantation», a theoretical and practical course;
2006 – «Further education in Implantology and reconstructive surgery» hands-on seminar;
2006 – «Diagnostics. Planning and laboratory stages of implant treatment on the upper jaw» hands-on seminar;
2008 – International Congress «First Ukrainian International Congress «Dental Implantology. Osseointegration»;
2009 – Surgical and orthopaedic course for Вісоn implant system application;
2009 – «Practical use of Вісоn implant system» training course;
2016 – International Quintessence Symposium on «Proper selection of surgical techniques in Implantology and periodontology»;
2016 – Osteology Symposium Eastern Europe in Kyiv: «How to obtain a successful result of regenerative treatment»;
2016 – «Life threatening emergencies», intensive practical 2-day course;
2017 – «Methods of rehabilitation within All-on-4 concept. Expert forum» training course;
2018 – theoretical and practical course on «Implantation under the conditions of bone deficit»;
2018 – Congress on «Modern periodontics and implantology»;
2018 – «Soft tissues treatment strategy in implantology» seminar;
2019 – «Mucogingival surgery» workshop, theoretical part;
2019 – «Second Conference of DENTSPLY SIRONA. Therapy. Digital dentistry. Implantology. Prosthetics» training;
2019 – «Augmentation: hard and soft tissues» conference;
2019 – «Implantation in everyday practice».

Dental surgery;
Periodontal surgery;

Surgical manipulations under local or general anesthesia;
Rendering urgent medical aid at acute inflammatory and pyoinflammatory conditions of maxillofacial area;
Resection of the root tip (apicectomy);
Flap operations;
Resective and regenerative techniques for treating periodontitis;
Tooth extraction of any degree of complexity;
Atypical extractions;
Guided bone regeneration;
Treating periimplantitis;
Lip and tongue frenectomy;