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Svitlana Fedorenko

Prosthodontist at the Department of prosthetic dentistry, a member of Ukrainian Dental Association.
Deputy head doctor for treatment. A doctor of the highest qualification category.
Operational experience: 25 years

1996 – graduated from Bogomolets National Medical University, Faculty of dentistry.
1997 – finished the internship in prosthetic dentistry at Bogomolets National Medical University.
Training courses, seminars, workshops, conferences:
2009 – «Metalless microrestoration: reliable and functional. Aesthetically pleasing. Steps to understanding», a training course;
2009 - 2011 – «Curriculum Interdisciplinary Restorative Dentistry 2009-2011», a modular course by Dr. Gregor Slavicek at Steinbeis-Transfer-Institut Biotechnology in Interdisciplinary Dentistry;
2012 – «Application of Віо-Рак ІІ complex for the purposes of restorative dentistry» training course;
2012 – «Tooth trauma. Autotransplantation of teeth» training course;
2013 – «Application of ВіоРAK complex for the diagnostics of masticatory organ pathologies and treatment planning using the data received» training course;
2018 – «Fundamentals of orthognathic surgery» seminar;
2014 – «Nobel Biocare World 2G International congress: modern concepts as a factor of successful implant treatment»;
2015 – «International orthopedic congress for dentists and dental technicians»;
2015 – «Computerized occlusal analysis in everyday practice. New T-Scan Novus device presentation»;
2014 – «Basic operation of SAM articulator and axiography»;
2017 – «What every dentist needs to know about Temporomandibular Disorders – The facts and the fantasies», a course by Prof. Jeffrey P. Okeson D.M.D.;
2017 – «Splint-therapy: how to avoid temporomandibular joint disorders. Practical application of relaxing occlusal splints» course;
2017 – «T-Scan – just DO it! How to use T-Scan effectively on a daily basis and DTR - treatment», a seminar by Dr. Katri Luukkonen;
2018 – practical and theoretical course by Prof. Mariano Rocabado;
2018 – «Orthognathic orthodontics – malocclusion concept and treatment approach. What is the TMD, RP-TRP concept», a two-day course by Prof. Sadao Sato;
2019 – «Face pain syndromes induced by herpes virus infection»;
2016 – «Digital technologies in dentistry» symposium.

Interdisciplinary approach in planning and treatment of the patients with an altered function of masticatory muscles and temporomandibular joints;
Pain in facial area;
Collaboration with a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor in making treatment aimed at posture normalization;
Functional recovery of tooth, joint and muscle function;
Control and management of the patients after joint stabilization.

In cases of adentia – full, partial removable prosthetic constructions, foldable clasp prostheses;
Fabrication of the constructions based on implants – screw-retained or cemented crowns, foldable dental prostheses with lateral fixing;
Implant supported partial removable prosthetic constructions (all on four);
Microscope-aided manipulations;
Micropreparation of tooth tissues;
Functional diagnostics of a patient’s masticatory function using electromyography to evaluate the condition of patient’s muscles and nerves;
Instrumental and manual diagnostics and analysis of the function of temporomandibular joints;
Analysis of teeth biting forces using Т- Scan system of digital occlusal analysis;
Determination of facial parameters using a mathematical method;
Tooth preparation for handmade veneers or for ceramic restorations manufactured by robotized design and manufacturing systems;
Complete cycle of works aimed at aesthetics realization: from developing a planned restoration on a diagnostic cast, providing temporary solutions, up to a final prosthetic construction;
Facial pain management.

The doctor has started her way learning from experienced and highly respected doctors with a vast practical experience and scientific background. Thus, she has also been working under the guidance of Ivan Opanasiuk for quite a long time, focusing on proper function of the head-neck-teeth complex as well as adjusting latest technologies in patient’s treatment for the restoration of a healthy masticatory function and general improvement of the level and quality of life.
Svitlana pays special attention to the study of modern technologies for the comprehensive diagnostics of dento-alveolar system, she is constantly deepening her knowledge of functional anatomy of teeth, it’s interaction at rest and during functioning (mastication, swallowing, speech, breathing, stress management). She always takes into account psychological impact factors, considers sleep disorders during the treatment process. Since all is interrelated in a human body, the doctor applies a comprehensive approach, conducts substantial diagnostics and carefully examines each particular situation.
Contemporary science moves extremely fast discovering new, previously unknown regularities and links. That’s why Svitlana actively participates in various international conferences and study programs. And she is a real medical enthusiast who utilizes the whole wealth of up-to-date technologies in the most skillful way following her sincere desire to help people.
The doctor’s motto is: «To be able to enjoy the life you have spent, is to live it twice (Marcus Valerius Martialis)».