Today, particular attention in medicine is paid to the problem of ensuring patient safety during treatment. Adherence to strict epidemiological control, excluding infection during treatment is one of the priority areas.

   In accordance with international norms and standards, our clinic has the "Anti-AIDS" patient protection program, which represents a whole complex of measures, according to which the newest disposable accessories and the most modern antiseptic drugs are used.

   The clinic works according to the hygienic plan, which meets all sanitary requirements, as well as the standards of the manufacturers of disinfectants that we use.

   For each patient, a disposable kit consisting of sterile coatings, gowns, caps, patient napkin, saliva ejector tip, cup, disposable gloves, masks and shoe covers is used.

   Also, an individual set of sterile instruments is used, which is opened directly in the presence of the patient.

   With care of your safety, we have created a sterilization complex that meets the world standards of health protection. In the sterilization department of our clinic, all instruments are sterilized in autoclaves at a temperature of 121/134 degrees, previously passed a 15-minute purification in an ultrasonic chamber with the use of disinfection solutions of the latest generation.

   After that, the tools are sealed in thermopacks (using a packaging machine), in which the sterility of tools is retained for a long time and reuse is excluded.

   The dental units of Castellini (Italy), Morita (Japan), where our specialists work, have the function of "Auto-sterilization".

   "Auto-sterilization" is a function of disinfection and sterilization of all waterways of the dental unit after each patient, which provides reliable protection against cross-infection and maintaining a high level of hygienic protection, which is the only guarantee of safety for both doctor and patient.

   We do our best to ensure that during the treatment our patients do not feel uncomfortable, they are sure of safety of the treatment and trust us completely.