Periodontitis is an inflammatory and destructive disease in which gum disease spreads to other periodontal tissues and at the same time the dentogingival joint is destroyed, distruction of the bone tissue of the alveolar process and periodont takes place.

    Signs of periodontium disease::
- Edema and reddening of the gingival margin;
- Bleeding gums, especially when cleaning teeth;
- Denudation of the root part of the tooth;
- Mobility of teeth;
- Unpleasant odor from the mouth;
- Feeling of burning, itching, and in severe cases, the appearance of a purulent discharge.

    The main cause of the disease is the development of the infectious process in the dentogingival pocket, which leads to the abovementioned manifestations.

    There are three methods of treatment:
- conservative;
- surgical;
- combined.

   For each clinical case, an individual treatment program is prepared.