Orthodontic treatment is an opportunity not only to smile beautifully at all joys and gifts of life, but also self-confidence and ensuring the health of the teeth and the whole organism at all.

   We offer a wide range of orthodontic services:

   - It is better to start to observe the formation of the bite and the development of the jaws of children before the eruption of permanent teeth, by eliminating all the potential causes of orthodontic disorders. To do this, there is a wide range of myofunctional devices;

- Unfortunately, due to early loss of temporary teeth, often these teeth have to be replaced by crowns, dentures or restorers of the place. It may seem strange, but it is extremely necessary, because, in addition to discomfort during eating or smiling, prolonged absence of a temporary tooth can lead to a shift in the neighboring and further space for the eruption of permanent teeth;

- on the next stage of orthodontic treatment a place for correct and harmonious eruption of permanent teeth is created - expanding jaws with removable or non-removable devices (plates);

- after creating the necessary space, we can proceed to aesthetic correction of the child's smile. This can be achieved by using a partial bracket system 2 + 4 or 2 + 6. Now we can correct the slope of the teeth, the crowding or the gaps between them, optimizing the further growth of the upper and lower jaws;

- from 12-14 years, when all the permanent teeth were cut through, we can start treatment with the help of a full bracket system;

- Also we conduct alignment of teeth with the help of convenient, invisible aligners system Invisalign.


   Note that orthodontic treatment has no age-related contraindications, so at any age you can gain a smile of your dreams! And we are happy to help you with this.