The installation of dental implants and restoration of chewing and aesthetics, as well as elimination of the overload of the remaining teeth is carried out to patients with missing teeth.

    A dental implant is an analogue of the root of the tooth, which is selected according to certain parameters (shape, size, type of thread corespond to a specific clinical situation), and is established immediately or after a short time after tooth extraction.

    Implantation is a complex and responsible procedure. World statistics shows that if all the rules are observed and there are no contraindications, the success of implantation reaches 98%.

    After diagnostics is carried out, a detailed treatment plan is drawn up, stage-by-stage procedures and the need for additional surgical interventions are prescribed.

Our dental surgeons practice all types of dental implantation:

- installation of the implant immediately after removal of the teeth;
- 6-8 weeks after removal;
- and on the place of long-removed teeth.

Also, all necessary procedures are carried out to build up the bone and increase its volume.

    If there are appropriate conditions, immediate loading is possible - fixing the prefabricated prosthesis to the implant just installed. During one visit, patients leave the clinic with new temporary teeth and a confident smile.

    Our clinic uses implants from titanium, as in clinical practice it shows itself in the best possible way. This technology gives patients a chance to fully recover lost teeth and forget about aesthetic and functional problems.

    We work with implants of various world manufacturers, such as Ankylos (Germany), Trinon Titanium (Germany), Nobel (Switzerland), and we can guarantee impeccable quality of treatment..

    The basis for the success of dental implantation is the presence of sufficient volume of bone tissue (each implant should be surrounded by bone with a width of at least 2 mm on each side), so procedures of increasing bone tissue, as well as the number and volume of the soft tissue used.

    Implantology is a rapidly developing direction. And our specialists constantly improve their skills and knowledge, attending various conferences and courses in Ukraine and abroad.

Many years of experience in this field allows us to provide a completely different level of quality life for patients, life without removable dentures.