Why does toothache occur? As nowadays patient pays more attention to oral care and proper hygiene more than ever! There are effective toothpastes, professional rinsers and other care products for the condition of the dental system, as well as various brushes where one is better than the other? However, there is a number of factors, such as poor-quality food which contains too much sugar, seasonings and coloring agents; Ecology, the state of the environment is quickly reflected on the state of teeth. It has already been scientifically proven that residents of industrial megapolises ( including Kyiv) are forced to adress to a dentist more often than residents of ecologically pure regions.

   The services of our Medical Center include:

- Professional hygiene and teeth bleaching with effective gels and a laser beam as the most painless modern method that does not destroy enamel;

- treatment of teeth hypersensitivity - that may be caused by individual habits, unfavorable working conditions, some diseases; The treatment depends on the cause and condition of the tooth and can be limited to the use of a professional toothpaste that will reduce sensitivity, or may require more serious intervention such as sealing (in case of hard tooth tissue damage) or depulpation (removal of the vascular bundle from the root followed by restoration);

- supporting periodontal treatment. The success of periodontal treatment depends not only on complex treatment, but also on careful monitoring of the condition of the oral cavity tissues. The decisive factor for success or failure in periodontal treatment is the purity and quality of this maintenance therapy. Stable healthy condition of periodontal tissues ensures the observance of the interval between repeated sessions of maintenance therapy. This interval is from 2 weeks to 3 months, its duration is selected individually for each patient, depending on the clinical condition of periodontal tissues, the level of oral hygiene.

- treatment of caries using the latest tools, techniques and materials, namely:

   Remineralization of enamel (in the early stages);

    Teeth treatment using a laser that is also carried out on the early stages of caries development and consists of a point removal of the infected tissue with simultaneous disinfection of the carious surface;

   Treatment of the carious area with special gels before mechanical removal of the damaged dentin;

    Air-kinetic method of prevention with the help of a powerful jet of water, air and abrasive powder that helps to remove deposits and neutralize the inflammatory process on periodontal tissues;

    Ozonotherapy (sterilization of the affected area of the tooth) followed by a procedure of deep fluorination.