Aesthetic dentistry is a combination of art, science, style and the highest professionalism for creating your individual and unique image.

   For this, in our practice, the following methods are widely used:

- teeth bleaching;
- direct restorations with modern composite materials directly in the oral cavity;
- indirect restorations by manufacturing in the laboratory conditions of ceramic crowns, linings, inserts, veneers;
- methods of complex restoration, which fully provides with the function of the teeth and meet the highest aesthetic requirements.



    Beautiful white teeth as the attribute of youth have always been and remain the dream of many people, because a white smile indicates health of a person, increases her status in both personal and business relations. In order to permanently retain a charming white smile, more and more people are turning to the bleaching procedure that we are doing at the clinic or control it at home.



    Restoration of teeth is called artistic dentistry where the dentist with jeweler precision reconstructs small details, depth and naturalness of the color layer by layer, trying to perfectly restore the function and beautiful appearance. During treatment materials of the world's leading manufacturers are used, which are divided by aesthetic, functional and individual indicators and are offered to each patient individually depending on his clinical situation.



    The word veneer in its literal translation is facing, masking, protective coating. In dentistry veneers are thin ceramic plates or caps, fit tightly to the teeth.
Dental veneers are designed to mask various defects that often occur on the teeth, for example, chipped, changing the original color, etc. Veneers correct the outer part of the tooth, without affecting its internal structure, so it is absolutely safe.              An important function of veneers is to protect the teeth from destructive environmental factors. And what is most important, veneers have a beautiful appearance.

    The choice of method of treatment depends on the features of the diagnosis of the patient, which is determined by careful examination. This takes into account the wishes of the patient and the time that is necessary for the restoration of teeth.

    Your smile is the key to prosperity, success and beauty.
    We are waiting for you and are ready to make your smile perfect!