Children are a third of the population of our country, and they are all of our future. Thanks to children, I want to live. (Muhammad Ali).

    Pediatric dentistry is one of the most sensitive areas of therapeutic dentistry. Work with young patients requires not only high communicative skills, but also knowledge of childhood psychology. Each child is an individual, with his own character peculiarities, with personal desires and aspirations, feelings, fears.
Children's doctor of our clinic has extensive experience in dealing with the youngest patients. And in combination with knowledge of the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques as well as having the latest materials and equipment at their disposal, they are always ready to provide your child with help of high quality and qualification.

    Children's dentists in particular have no right to make a mistake as not only temporary teeth are under threat but permanent as well.

   Providing dental care to childhood patients in our medical center is conducted in 5 directions:

- Prevention of major dental diseases;
- therapeutic treatment;
- surgery;
- orthodontics;
- children's anesthesiology.

    Prevention of major dental diseases is a priority for doctors today, because "A gram of prevention is better than a pound therapy" (B.Franklin).
Prevention of dental diseases includes preventive teeth cleaning ,remineralizing therapy, deep fluoridation, ozonization, sealing of fissures.

    Treatment of temporary teeth must be regarded with high responsability, because caries lesions, being the focus of infection in the oral cavity, can cause diseases of the ENT organs, the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems.
For safe and painless dental treatment, we use computer anesthesia system (STA-system), with which local anesthesia is most comfortable and almost unnoticed for the child.

   To perform a full-fledged diagnosis and appropriate treatment, the dentist closely cooperates with radiologists, dentists, surgeons (removal of temporary teeth, plastic of the bridles of the upper and lower lips, tongue) and the dentist-orthodontist (influence on the muscular apparatus of the child with the help of miotreners, the treatment of dentoalveolar deformities by removable and non-removable orthodontic devices). .
   For small patients with complicated caries, with a large number of affected teeth, and for children who have a strong fear of medical interventions, our team of highly qualified anesthesiologists will carry out the procedure of introducing safe and comfortable medication sleep.

   A small patient does not feel anything and sleeps peacefully. During sleep, the central nervous system works normally, all reflexes remain and the child can be awakened easily. During this procedure, dentists will be able to carry out the sanation of the oral cavity professionally and qualitatively. The whole team of doctors works confidently and harmoniously, due to this, safety and comfort of small patients in reliable hands!

   Our little patients come out happy, with a gift and a smile on their face.

And what can be  more beautiful than a real child's smile?