Integration into European society dictates the introduction of European standards and protocols of the provision of medical care in medical practice. One of such standards is the patient's right to safety of medical procedures, including adequate analgesia of the latter.

   Nowadays in dentistry in view of expansion of volumes of stomatologic interventions, maintenance of the beginning and the termination of treatment for one visit - the anesthetic maintenance becomes actual. When the procedure lasts more than 2 hours, the patient physically suffers from a prolonged restriction of movements together with anxiety and discomfort, unpleasant sensations when manipulating in the oral cavity (injection of a local anesthetic, prolonged opening of the mouth, waiting for pain, etc.).

   Also, we all know how often we postpone a visit to the dentist because of our own fears. Such sensations are called "dentofobia". And if you look into the details, then the state of dental phobia is observed in one third of people on the planet, or every third person. And although at first glance, the fear of dental treatment looks pretty innocent - in fact it is not, because there is a risk that panic, excitement, accumulation of tachycardia and hypertension during the dental procedure can complicate the process of treatment itself, change the expected result and even threaten your life and health.

   Patients with an increased level of anxiety are offered the optimal solution - sedation, i.e. treatment of teeth in a state close to physiological sleep or light slumber.
Thanks to sedation, the sensations of unpleasant odors, sounds and manipulations become neutral, and after a visit - memories of them are blurred or absent altogether.

   Such anti-stress technique allows you to save your time and nerves and conduct a dental procedure in conditions of peace and relaxation or a deeper sleep comfortable for you (according to the testimony or according to your desire).

   Anesthesia is a condition caused by medications, during which consciousness is switched off as well as all kinds of sensitivity, and the process of muscle relaxation takes place. In our Medical Center, anesthesia is performed on the basis of modern and high-quality drugs, such as Propofol and Sevoflurane.

   After detailed study of the patient's anamnesis, the definition of the treatment plan (trauma, duration) by a team of dentists and anaesthesiologists, you will be selected and offered the most optimal type of anesthesia.