Ivan Opanasiuk

   Opanasiuk Ivan Vladimirovich (March 2, 1968 - July 5, 2016) is an Ukrainian doctor surgeon, dental surgeon, doctor-radiologist, member of the Ukrainian Implantology Association, lecturer, specialist in dental implantology, non-surgical and surgical periodontology, occlusion, aesthetics, plastic periodontal surgery, the founder and scientific leader of the Medical Center “Interdisciplinary Dental Center named after Y. V. Opanasiuk”.

   He was born on March 2, 1968 in the village of Sergeevka in Novohrad-Volynsky district. After graduation from school with high honours, he entered the Ternopil Medical Institute, received a doctor qualification in specialty "Medicine", and was graduated with high honors. During his studies at the Institute he served in the ranks of the armed forces of the USSR. In 1996 he brilliantly graduated from the internship and received the title of doctor-specialist in the specialty "Surgery".

   In the period from 1996 to 1999 Ivan Vladimirovich was invited to Kiev, where he worked as a doctor-surgeon.

   In 1998 without leaving a successful job, he completed study in specialty "Radiology", after he held the position of doctor-radiologist at the Central City Clinical Hospital.

   In 1999 Ivan studied "Surgical Dentistry", then he directed his attention to the birth and development of implantology in Ukraine, took an active part in creation of the Association of Implantologists of Ukraine. The main work for this period was an active introduction into the practice of dental clinics of the method of dental implantation by organizing courses, supporting courses conducted by the leading specialists of Ukraine, namely Moseyko O.O. , Opanasiuk Y.V. And Opanasiuk I.V, Ugrin M., Kalenchuk V. and others.

   Since 2001, he devotes most of his professional activity to the organization of complex dental treatment, meanwhile focusing on the development of surgical, periodontal and aesthetic dentistry.

   In 1999, he took part in creation of LLC "Institute of Progressive Stomatoligical Technologies", where he worked as a dentist-surgeon, radiologist, and since 2005 served as Chief Physician.

   In 2015, Opanasiuk I.V. Created and headed LLC "Interdisciplinary Dental Center named after Y.V. Opanasiuk.

   Throughout his creative and professional life, Ivan Vladimirovich Opanasiuk proved himself as a highly qualified specialist, a professional who was devoted to his own business, who always created an atmosphere of psychological comfort around himself and aroused confidence and sympathy among colleagues and patients. He was noted for his benevolence, unusual thinking, creativity, sociability, purposefulness, optimism, diligence and constant desire to find new ways of developing dental science and developing service in the process of patient care.

   He left behind hundreds of disciples and followers who will continue his worthy cause. and eternal bright memory in the hearts of people ...