IPST dental clinic on Khreshchatyk str., 2003

    Dentistry is a dynamically developing medical sphere, but during a long period of time it remained on a mediocre level in Ukraine. In 1999 a team of enthusiasts under the auspices of Yurii and Ivan Opanasiuk founded Institute of Progressive Stomatological Technologies.

    In 2000 IPST started to develop actively dentistry in Ukraine. Dentists gained access to learn new technologies along with a possibility to use them in their everyday practice. The Study center opened at IPST promoted this process. World known lecturers with an impressive experience were invited to perform lectures and master-classes. Qualitative dental help of the highest level was finally available to the Ukrainians.

    Since then it wasn’t necessary any more to go to Europe or America in search of leading treatment, medicine of high quality appeared in Kiev. With time high level of services provided IPST with popularity in Kiev. The clinic was known in other cities as well as beyond Ukraine.

    Yurii and Ivan Opanasiuk developed comprehensively the sphere of surgical and prosthetic dentistry, brought new X-ray and diagnostic equipment in Ukraine. It is impossible to overestimate their contribution to the development of Ukrainian dentistry.

The founders of IPST: Yuriy Opanasiuk and Ivan Opanasiuk

    As time goes by, technologies don't stand still and the needs and requirements of patients are constantly increasing. Therefore, in 2014 a decision to establish narrowly specialized centers was made where profiled dental care was provided, and doctors of each separate sphere had a chance to raise constantly their professional level, to develop and improve their skills.

    In January 2015 two medical centers – Interdisciplinary Dental Center named after Yurii Opanasiuk and Functional Orthodontics – started their work.

Interdisciplinary Dental Center named after Y. Opanasiuk and Functional orthodontics

    IDC named after Y. Opanasiuk continues IPST working traditions to provide with qualitative surgery and orthopedic help, develope actively therapeutic sphere – endodontics, restauration, complete diagnostics. In addition, the center is equipped with one of the best X-ray equipment in Ukraine, and provides with high level of diagnostic services.

    Functional Orthodontics is a Medical Center that provides orthodontic care to create an aesthetic and full health of dentition of children and adults. The combination of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is a secure solution of aesthetic and functional problems at an early age.

    Teams of two centers collaborate closely with each other.

    We work with respect and for the continuation of the ideas of our founders and business of their lives.

    Live, love, create and work for result!