Ethical Values

   The main goal of our company is health of a person, family, society, because healthy people can fully enjoy their lives and get pleasure from it. Our team is the guardian of the dental health of our patients and our every effort is directed to preserve and support functions and aesthetics of your teeth. From the first day of establishment of the clinic our team is guided by the following values:

   The basic principle of medicine is safety. In our health centers safety is expressed in everything - certified quality materials, innovative high-precision equipment, modern sterilization complex and, of course, in our team for whom dentistry is their vocation.

   There are no identical people in the world. As well as in medicine, every human body is a special, unique "mechanism", the treatment of which requires an individual approach. We are ready to provide quality care and comfort to our patients. We will help prevent dental disease, eliminate them on the early stages and undertake a comprehensive rehabilitation of the dentition.

   Our family is a team whose importance cannot be overestimated. After all, together we create the healthiest and most beautiful smile and work to make every your step in our clinic confident, secure and comfortable. Our centers are unique in their field, as we are lucky to have collected highly specialized professionals, real masters of their craft, who have been developing the concept of functional multidisciplinary approach for 17 years and is working as a single coherent mechanism.

   We don’t want to stop on what we have achieved. We are constantly improving our knowledge and skills by attending conferences, congresses, workshops all around the world and we also organize and conduct our lectures and workshops where colleagues share their knowledge and clinical experience.

   We were one of the first to understand the importance of studying the functional characteristics of the whole organism and dental rehabilitation, given the interdisciplinary approach to treatment, which is based on a comprehensive clinical and instrumental functional diagnostics. In particular we pay so much attention to the process of diagnosis because it's safety as well as health and tranquility of our patients.