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Nestor Osoba

Maxillo-facial surgeon, Implantologist at the Department of dental surgery, a member of ITI - International team for Implantology.
Operational experience: 5 years

2017 – graduated from Bogomolets National Medical University majoring in Dentistry and gained the qualification of a dentist;
2019 – finished the internship in Surgical dentistry at Ukrainian Military Medical Academy.
Training courses, seminars, workshops, conferences:
2018 – «Soft tissue plastic surgery around teeth and dental implants», a lecture by Saba Khurtsilava;
2018 – «Predictable osteoplasty», a practical course by Dr. Yongjin Kim;
2018 – «Soft tissue modelling for the enlargement of bone volume» lecture;
2018 – «Time value in implantology», a seminar by Marko Esposito;
2018 – «Easy and Predictable alveolar bone augmentation techniques (Ossbuilder & ESSET Kit) », a practical course by Dr. Yonjin Kim;
2018 – «Smile design and makeovers», a practical course by Dr. Maxim Belograd;
2019 – a lecture course of Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry: Prof. Dr. Sadao Sato, Ing. Christian Slavicek, Dr. Előd Úry, Dr. Daliele Togni, Dr. Nazzareno Bassetti, Dr. Monica Casadei, Dr. Andrii Klovanets, ZTM Stefan Thunert, Dr. Valeriu Fala;
2019 – «Implantation ALL on Х», Maurice Salama;
2019 – «AbbatMAN», a lecture;
2020 – «Treating of gingival recessions with plastic surgery», a lecture course by Giovanni Zucchelli;
2020 – «The treatment of the atrophic posterior maxilla», a training course by Prof. Tiziano Testori;
2021 – «External sinus-lift» training course;
2021 – «Fundamentals of minimally invasive technics, making incisions and sutures», a practical course by ITI.

Aesthetic dentistry;
Digital surgery;
Tooth implantation using templates for guided surgery;
Aesthetic rehabilitation planning using DSD instruments (Digital smile design);

Microsurgery of the tissues of an oral cavity;
Gingivoplasty and osteoplasty;
Atraumatic tooth extraction;
Dental implantation of any level of complexity;
Tooth transplantation;
Tooth-preserving operations;
Gingival recession plastic surgery;

Nestor adheres to the principles of minimally invasive approach in making surgical manipulations, utilizes all modern techniques and technologies for maximum comfort of his patient during and after the procedure made. Applies individual approach to each clinical case and endeavours to optimize at most the quantity and duration of surgical interventions. The doctor believes that the best surgical operation is the one that did not happen.
The doctor’s motto is: “Do what you love and love what you do”.