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Mykhailo Dudnichenko

Dentist, head of the department of the therapeutic department
Operational experience: more than 5 years

2015 – graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of the Ministry of health of Ukraine majoring in Dentistry and gained the qualification of a dentist;
2017 – finished the internship in Dentistry at Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of the Ministry of health of Ukraine.

Training courses, seminars, workshops, conferences:
2012 – «The art of successful restoration» seminar;
2014 – «From endodontics to restoration» seminar;
2015 – «Endodontics 2.0» original course;
2015 – «Fundamentals. Endodontic surgery», a lecture by Dr. Valentyna Mudra;
2015 – participation in the 3-rd National Ukrainian dental congress with international participation;
2016 – «Initial endodontics. Repeated endodontic treatment. Complicated endo» seminar;
2016 –«Supportive treatment in periodontics» seminar;
2016 – 6-th convention of Ukrainian endodontic community (UEC);
2016 – «Direct resoration of front and lateral teeth with abrasion», a phantom course;
2016 – «Systemizing the knowledge on CT anatomy and CT pathology. Enhanced training course» lecture;
2017 – 15th International conference «New technologies in endodontics»;
2017 – «Direct restoration», practical training session at Bogachuk Dental Studio;
2017 – «New topics and accents in Endodontics 2016-2017», a training course by Dr. Solomonov Michael;
2018 – participation in the International endodontic congress;
2018 – «Special effects in tooth restoration» workshop;
2018 – «Partial indirect restoration of frontal teeth» webinar;
2018 – «Interdisciplinary approach in indirect restoration of frontal and lateral teeth», a course of lectures;
2018 – МВ2 «In endodontist’s life»;
2018 – «Operative endodontics. Orthograde revision» theoretical course;
2018 – «Biological aspects in prevention and treatment of pulp and periapical disease», a training course by Domenico Ricucci;
2019 – the course of lectures of Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry: Prof. Dr. Sadao Sato, Ing. Christian Slavicek, Dr. Előd Úry, Dr. Daliele Togni, Dr. Nazzareno Bassetti, Dr. Monica Casadei, Dr. Andrii Klovanets, ZTM Stefan Thunert, Dr. Valeriu Fala;
2019 – «Aesthetics and function. Direct restoration of frontal and molar teeth» workshop;
2019 – «The art of artistic photography in dentistry» practical course;
2019 – «Dzen-course. Frontal restorations» curriculum;
2020 – «Direct restoration. How to create a restoration»;
2020 – participation in a webinar «Restoration of posterior teeth. Morphology of all distal teeth groups», Viktor Shcherbakov;
2021 – «Direct artistic restoration of frontal teeth» practical course.

Treatment of caries;
Treatment of root canals;
Working with a microscope;
Minimally invasive treatment technique;
Aesthetic restoration;
Photofixation of the treatment process.

The doctor started his dental way while studying at the university, working as a chairside assistant. This helped to adapt quicker at the beginning of his professional activity as a dentist. At the same time he started to participate in conferences, lectures and workshops in various areas of dentistry.
Works extremely scrupulously and meticulously, as being attentive to the details is essential to get a good result.
Uses up-to-date materials and equipment.
The doctor is certain of the fact that constant development is a guarantee of a quality treatment, so he is all the time working on improvement of his practical skills.
«Improve the world by improving yourself»